Utah's Sage-grouse Summit

sagebursh landscape photo with text Utah's Sage-grouse Summit 2014 Utah Sage-grouse Summit

February 18-19, 2014
Utah Department of Natural Resources
1594 West North Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah
Bureau of Land Management
Deseret Land and Livestock
Environmental Dispute Resolution Program, University of Utah
Jack H. Berryman Institute, Utah State University
Natural Resources Conservation Service
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Forest Service
USU Quinney College of Natural Resources
Utah Department of Natural Resources
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Utah Public Lands Policy Coordination Office
Utah State University Extension
Western Rural Development Center
*Facilitation provided by Lorien Belton (Community-Based Conservation
Program, Utah State University) and Michele Straube (Environmental Dispute
Resolution Program, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah).  

Agenda with presentation links below.  Please Note:  Video Presentations require Adobe Flash Player to run.  They do take a few seconds to load.  Once the presentation is loaded, you may move forward or back through the presentation as needed.  

February 18, 2014
8:30 am                Opening Comments: Summit Overview and Purpose, Acknowledgements – Terry Messmer,
                           USU Extension/Berryman Institute
8:35 am                Welcome – Greg Sheehan, Director, UDWR
8:40 am                The Honorable Gary H. Herbert, Governor of Utah
video cameraTo View Opening Remarks:   https://connect.usu.edu/p2z1syylbw7/  Duration: 00:23:59
9:00 am                Making Conservation Count
-  Presentation: USFWS Conservation Reporting Standards by Pat Diebert  - USFWS Sage-grouse Coordinator
   (by video teleconference), and Larry Crist USFWS Utah State Office Supervisor (onsite) (30 min)
o   What USFWS needs to know to track conservation progress
-  Presentation: Utah State Plan – Tracking and Reporting (Eric Ellis and Jason Robinson, UDWR) (30 min)
o   How will progress on the Utah state plan be tracked and reported, for public and private lands?
o   How can LWGs help?
-  Moderated Q&A* (30 min)
video camera
To View session:   https://connect.usu.edu/p6whf1gqhoa/   Duration:  01:18:32
10:30 am              Break

10:45 am              BLM Resource Management Planning and USFS Land Use Plans
-  Presentation: How Utah’s Plan integrates into BLM & USFS Plans: The Public Process and A Time Table
   For Implementation
(Juan Palma and Quincy Bahr, BLM and Chris Iversen, USFS (30 min)
-  Facilitated Q&A (30  min)
video camera
To View session:  https://connect.usu.edu/p9hpjkmb2i2/  Duration: 00:56:22

11:45 am              “An Ode to Sage-grouse,” Todd Black, Wildlife Manager, Deseret Land & Livestock, Woodruff, UT   
12:00                     Lunch on site – Sponsored by Deseret Land and Livestock
1:00 pm         Utah Plan Topic 1: Habitat Management Strategies

- Relevant research: short explanations (Nicki Frey, USU Extension/Berryman Institute) (10 min)
- Utah Plan Implementation goals & strategy, progress to date. PJ mapping efforts and WRI project tracking
   (Alan Clark, DNR) (20 min)
- Wildfire Abatement – Jason Vernon, UDWR (15 min)
- NRCS Sage-grouse Initiative – Casey Burns, NRCS (15 min)
- Facilitated Q&A
video camera
To View session:  https://connect.usu.edu/p7wa9st1w0k/  Duration: 01:14:40

2:15 pm                Break
2:30 pm to 3:10 pm         Utah Plan Topic 2: Tracking and Reporting Population Responses to
                                    Management: The Science behind the SGMAs
- Utah Plan Implementation goals & strategies (Jason Robinson, DWR) (10 min)
- Research and Monitoring to Measure Population Response (Randy Larson, BYU) (10 min)
- Validation of SGMA Concept (Dave Dahlgren, USU Extension/Berryman Institute) (10 min)
- Next steps/challenges, and how LWGs can help (Facilitated Q&A)
video camera
To View session:  https://connect.usu.edu/p9og01vsy72/  Duration: 00:38:01
3:10 pm to 3:55 pm          Utah Plan Topic 3: What is “Protecting the Best of the Best”?

- Relevant research and experiences (Holly Copeland, TNC-Wyoming - 15  min) (by video teleconference),
- Utah Plan Implementation goals & strategy; progress to date (Eric Ellis, UDWR) (10 min)
- NRCS Grassland Easements – Jeff Williams, NRCS Easement Specialist (10 min)
- Next steps/challenges, and how LWGs can help (Facilitated Q&A)
video camera
To View session:  https://connect.usu.edu/p8kqrynl1eg/  Duration: 00:21:47
3:55 pm                Short Break to set up for the Utah Plan Implementation Council Meeting
4:00 pm                Utah Plan Implementation Council – Official Business Meeting

- PIC Overview: decisions made/in-progress, unmet challenges (Kathleen Clarke, Utah Public Lands
  Policy Coordination Office)

 February 19
8:00 am                Welcome, Announcements, and Overview of Today’s Sessions – Terry Messmer
8:05 am                Utah Plan Topic 4: Mitigation and Disturbance - 5 % or 3% Disturbance Limit
- Relevant research: Disturbance and Sage-Grouse (Terry Messmer) (10 min)
- Disturbance & Mitigation – USFWS Paradigms (Shauna Ginger (USFWS Ecosystems Services
   Biologist – by video teleconference), and Larry Crist,
USFWS - onsite) (15 min)
- Utah Plan SGMA Mapping and tracking disturbance: (Doug Ramsey, USU) (20 min)
- Utah Plan’s Approach to Mitigation – Public and Private Lands (Alan Clark, UDNR) (15 min)
- Role of LWGs in ground-truthing disturbance and other maps (Facilitated discussion responding to
   questions and concerns, identify key issues - 25 min)
video camera
To View session:  https://connect.usu.edu/p5ovtmcpxd9/    Duration: 02:02:54
9:50 am                Summary: Role of LWGs in Utah Plan Implementation – Taking Ownership (Terry Messmer)

10:00 am              Break
10:15 am              Concurrent Workshops (CHOOSE ONE)
- Community-based Species Conservation Strategies (facilitated by Lorien Belton, USU)
o   CCAA and CCA – what they are and are not - USFWS
o   Lessons learned Idaho – Kathleen Hendricks, USFWS
o   Desert LL Greater sage-grouse CCAA – Todd Black, DLL and Larry Crist, USFWS
o   Opportunities and Challenges; Facilitated Discussion
-  Research Application to Management: designing and monitoring projects that work for sage-grouse
Dave Dahlgren, Jason Robinson, Randy Larsen)
o   In-depth look at habitat use of projects
o   Opportunity areas, monitoring, and habitat increases; Facilitated Discussion
Mitigation: further in-depth discussion  (Facilitated by Michele Straube, Environmental Dispute
   Resolution Program, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah)
o   Implementation lessons from Utah
o   Implementation models from other states
o   Process development progress: Utah Plan, federal options;
o   Facilitated Discussion
12:00 pm              Lunch sponsored by Utah Public Lands Policy Coordination Office
1:00 pm                Management With or Without a Listing: process and what to expect

-  Facilitated Panel and Moderated Q&A
o   USFWS – Larry Crist
o   UDWR – Greg Sheehan
o   BLM - Juan Palma
o   USFS – Chris Iversen
o   NRCS  – Casey Burns
-  Moderated Q &A

Closing Statements (Kathleen Clarke, Utah Public Lands Policy Coordination Office) 
video camera
To View session:  https://connect.usu.edu/p7qm3i2eg2h/  Duration: 01:34:49